You also don’t want to follow up on guests asking them to share all of the content they captured (+ ensuring they share in the best way without compromising image quality)


You want lots of content to gush over the very next day, instead of waiting for the photographer and videographer's work (which can take weeks or months).


And not lost!

Do you want someone to take your disposable camera photos so they actually get used up...


You want plenty of vertically-oriented videos and photos perfect for sharing on socials.


You want some cute highlight reels sent to you within 24 hours to share on socials.


You’ve spent so much time and money planning your wedding that you just want everything captured!


You want some behind-the-scenes, candid content captured.


You don’t want to rely on guests to take plenty of content on their phones.


You want an unplugged wedding for you, but also for your bridesmaids and guests.


the more, the better!

You want tons of photos and videos to look back on after your wedding...


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